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Thailand continues to improve its positioning as a world-class it outsourcing provider. In recent years this trend has accelerated with an ever growing number of international IT companies setting up operations in Thailand to provide it outsourcing services. To observers of Thailand, this comes as no surprise and as the government of Thailand has been committed for years to foster an environment conducive to making Thailand a premier IT Outsourcing destination.

Infrastructure improvements, a growing it engineers, software developers talent pool and a superior business climate for multinational tech companies and a series of incentives have contributed in making Thailand a leader in providing Information Technology (IT) products and services. Currently, Thailand ranks eighth on the list of top rated IT outsourcing countries based on the country’s cost index, resources and skills and qualified workforce. In addition, Thailand sees major growth potential in the outsourcing segment with growing demand from countries like the United States, where 43 percent of companies utilize offshore outsourcing for IT services. Outsourcing will continue to be a major contributing factor to the growth of Thailand’s IT sector, which is expected to grow 7.2 percent this year to $22.4 billion, up from $18.8 billion in 2010.

At the university level, a number of intensive technology programs have been put in place to build this necessary workforce pipeline of highly skilled tech workers. These university programs aim to produce 50,000 business technology students per year to support Thailand’s growing IT sector.

AD System Asia has been a pioneer in providing IT Outsourcing in Thailand. Since 2010 we have been providing IT Outsourcing services and offshore software development to clients across the globe.
We provide a whole range of IT outsourcing services for companies of all sizes through a variety of flexible engagement models.

To find out more about our IT Outsourcing services and offshore development models, please visit our page: IT Outsourcing Thailand

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