We develop mobile apps for both the Enterprise and Consumer markets. Whether your project is targeted specifically to a single platform – Android, iOS and Windows Phone – or all of them, our Bangkok, Thailand mobile app development team comprises senior engineers with strong experience delivering elegant mobile apps using both native and cross platform development strategies. Developing natively we unlock the strengths of each mobile platform. Cross platform development reduces cost and time to market.

We do not just build beautiful and easy-to-use mobile applications but technologically advanced applications that make full use of mobile device features, such as integrating GPS, microphone and camera functionalities. At the same time our enterprise level mobile apps connect and integrate seamlessly with your business back-end systems and data.

To develop a successful mobile app in Bangkok, Thailand, it takes the right team

It’ s not easy to find the right team to entrust with your mobile apps development needs in Thailand. Our mobile software engineers based in Bangkok have years of experience delivering creative and highly innovative mobile apps. They analyse and translate business requirements into imaginative and cutting-edge mobile apps that stand out for quality, efficiency and reliability.

We help our clients to choose the most appropriate technologies and platforms for their project objectives, size and budget. We work closely to analyse requirements and design the most appropriate solution, whether it is a consumer mobile app or an enterprise app meant to bring mobility into your business processes.

Mobile App Development in Thailand

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Mobile app development services

Some of our mobile apps development services:

  • Native Android mobile app development
  • Native iOS (iPhone / iPad) mobile app development
  • Native Windows Phone mobile app development
  • Cross-platform mobile app development with Xamarin
  • Cross-platform mobile app development with HTML5 / PhoneGap

The best technology for your mobile app development needs

Native or cross platform mobile app development?

A very important choice to make when deciding to develop a mobile app is whether it should be developed natively for the major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) or cross-platform / hybrid.
The trade-off is that while native mobile apps development may allow more functionality and a full exploitation of the device capabilities, they will most certainly be more costly to build individually and to maintain. Mobile apps developed cross-platform will generally be easier to build and maintain, but may not have the same richness of features.

The choice is between ease and power.

AD System Asia provides both mobile app development approaches, native and cross-platform, so that we can advise our clients to choose the development approach that better supports the business goals for his app.