From design and development of custom software applications and system integration to maintenance of existing applications and quality assurance, AD System Asia offers a full range of IT Services for companies in Thailand and around the world seeking to use IT to address their business needs.

We leverage our extensive technology and business domain expertise to deliver state of the art solutions to increase the effectiveness of your IT investments.

Our turn-key solutions and IT services cover the entire project life-cycle, from requirements realisation and feasibility study, through to implementation and maintenance. Organisational impact analysis, choice of hardware components and the coordination of the entire project activities are provided.

When your company needs IT Services in Thailand AD System Asia is the best choice.

IT services

When your company needs IT Services in Thailand AD System Asia is the best choice.

IT Services: our expertise

We specialise in delivering sophisticated, high-technology IT services & solutions for large and medium businesses where the IT environment is often composed of multiple interconnected systems of a heterogeneous nature.

IT Services & Technology

Initially established as a R&D center we are always at the forefront of technology and have strong, real-life experience delivering and integrating software solutions and IT Services that help our clients run their business more effectively.


IT Services & Industries

Developed through many years of engagement with industry leaders, our team has deep domain knowledge in a wide range of sectors including:

  • Financial Services Industry
  • Manufacturing, Logistics and commercial sector
  • Public Administration

Digitalisation of business processes

We are also thought-leaders in the digitalisation of business processes and document management.
We help companies to improve efficiency and reduce costs by streamlining their processes and going the paperless way.

Our IT Services include