With an eye to always offer innovative software products and solutions to our clients, we work with many industry leaders to deploy only the most advanced cutting-edge technology. We distribute only leading products from companies such as Lightstreamer (Weswit Srl).

Our product related services cover the entire project lifecycle, from sourcing and evaluation, to gap analysis and customisation, through to implementation and post-implementation support.


Our software product offer

Document Management

ADS-Doc is AD System Asia’ s platform for document management and digital archival.

Operations like document acquisition have been fully automated by leveraging technologies like OCR, barcode/data-matrix/QR Codes decoding and Automatic Document Recognition (ADR) resulting in considerable time savings, increased data reliability and improved efficiency.

Integration and Scheduled processes allow the acquisition of documents directly from their originating back-end systems together with their metadata.

Documents can be easily accessed through a wide array of functions, including both windows-based and web clients as well as iOS (iPad) and Android Apps to provide accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Structured processes for long term digital preservations are provided to ensure dependable archiving strategies and savings in document storage costs.

Live Web Content Delivery

AD System Asia is the Lightstreamer distributor and system integrator for the Asia-Pacific region.

Engineered by Weswit Srl, Lightstreamer is a scalable and reliable Server for pushing live data to Rich Internet Applications.

Lightstreamer has been used in many mission-critical production systems, where scalability, low network impact, bandwidth management, adaptive streaming, and other advanced features, have proven fundamental.

Clients range from tier-1 financial institutions like Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and UBS to the aerospace industry with companies like United Airlines and NASA to commercial companies such as SONY Music.